Meet Binks!

Binks is a Chinese Goose at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Binks’ Story

Binks had been turned loose at a local city park near a pond. He was fully feathered but still just a youngster. We assume that someone received him as an Easter gosling and, when they didn’t want him anymore, they thought turning him loose where there was a body of water for him to swim would be the ideal place for him. But it was not.

Many perils await ducks and geese turned loose in parks or subdivision ponds. The biggest concern is the lack of nutritious and sufficient food. Bread fed by well meaning citizens is not nutritious, in fact it can cause serious health problems. While ducks and geese can survive on the bugs and grass around a lake most of the year, in winter those food sources disappear. Other dangers include becoming tangled in fishing lines, swallowing fishing hooks, being attacked by dogs or coyotes and, unfortunately, people who harass or abuse them. When a goose or duck becomes aggressive in self-defense and tries to bite people, they often kick the animal and can hurt them. We suspect this is what happened to Binks since he was fine one day and the next he could not walk on his right leg. He had a difficult time hunting for food when he was out of the water.

Binks’ Health

Luckily for Binks, he had several guardian angels that took care of properly feeding him and his duck friends in the pond. When they found him injured, they called Longmeadow Rescue Ranch to see if we could help. They caught him and his duck friends and brought them to the Ranch. A veterinarian examined Binks and found that, while there were no broken bones, he probably had nerve damage. With veterinary treatment and water therapy, Binks recovered the use of his leg and has no ill effects from his ordeal.

Recently, Binks suffered an infection in his knob at the top of his beak. The infection caused him to lose the signature knob found in Chinese geese like him, but he is still a happy and healthy guy.

Binks is fed laying pellets and is let out of his enclosure for daily exercise with all the ducks and geese available for adoption.

Binks’ Personality

Because Binks was so people friendly he was easy to work with and was not stressed out about his injury or moving to Longmeadow. At first he lived in the Vet Treatment room in the Learning Center Barn. The room became very noisy when Binks talked to visitors. He now lives in the fowl kennels with the other ducks and geese. He loves to be petted and is not aggressive. Recently we discovered he likes to ride in the passenger seat of the ATV Mule. Quite a sight!

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Binks and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.