Meet Pom Pom!

Pom Pom is a female mixed breed crested duck at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Pom Pom’s Story

Pom Pom arrived at Longmeadow in the late summer of 2014. She was rescued from a hoarding situation where she was one of numerous waterfowl housed in a metal shed without any access to sunlight or fresh air. All of the ducks were extremely matted with mud and were suffering from skin problems on their feet, legs, and eyes. Pom Pom and the other birds were all malnourished, and since the birds didn’t have access to fresh water, they couldn’t clean their feathers or skin. Dirty feathers for birds mean they don’t have protection from the elements. It would have been a miserable life for a bird!

Pom Pom’s Health

When Pom Pom and the rest of the rescued birds first unloaded from their crates and into their new clean homes at the Ranch, they immediately took to the pools to bathe themselves. Pom Pom looked like a black duck when she first arrived at Longmeadow! After a good 20 minutes of splashing and diving in the pool she turned almost white. All of the birds needed an entire week of thorough bathing and preening to get their feathers back in tip top shape.

Pom Pom receives routine deworming and nail trims. During the warm time of year she lays an egg daily, which ranch staff or volunteers take home to use in their cooking – duck eggs are delicious in cakes and cookies!

Pom Pom’s feathers are now always clean and smooth, providing her with protection from the cold weather and parasites.

Pom Pom’s Personality

Pom Pom is a special duck and she really stands out because of her feather “poof,” which sits a little crooked on the top of her head. She was rescued with her best friend Tanner, and he continues to keep her company.

Pom Pom and her other Barn Buddy feathered friends live in a cozy chicken coop. Every afternoon they are turned out to wander the ranch grounds. You can typically find Pom Pom and her best buddy Tanner with their bills down in the mud at the creek. They like to search for insects, worms, and other treats in the grass.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Pom Pom and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.