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Betty and Wilma

Betty and Wilma are Nubian goats.

Betty and Wilma's Story

Betty and Wilma were living with a person unfamiliar with the proper care of baby goats. A Good Samaritan took over their care and helped to nurse them back to health. They came to Longmeadow when the Good Samaritan fell on hard times after a death in the family.

Betty and Wilma's Health

Betty and Wilma have been healthy during their time at Longmeadow. When they first arrived, they received a dewormer and first vaccines, and they had their feet trimmed. They’ll remain on a schedule of regular deworming, vaccinations, and hoof care.

Betty and Wilma's Personality

Betty and Wilma are wonderfully entertaining to have around the ranch. They are extremely friendly and they’ll come running to visit with anyone nearby. They even walk on a leash!

Betty and Wilma are best friends with Jack the sheep. Jack doesn’t make friends easily so it was very exciting for Longmeadow staff to see him enjoying Betty and Wilma’s company. These three can often be seen running around their pen, playing and kicking up their heels together. Betty and Wilma also get along well with Miss Molly the llama. Betty, Wilma, Miss Molly and Jack all share a stall together – they’re one big happy family!