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A light brown, mixed breed steer.

Kelso's Story

Born in 2006, Kelso came to Longmeadow when he was just 4 weeks old. He was rescued with more than 40 chickens, turkeys and geese from an egg production farm. He was living alone in a filthy concrete stall with a path of waste water flowing through his stall. When he was rescued, he didn't have any food or fresh water.

Kelso's Health

At first, Kelso was very thin and sick. He didn't even know how to drink from a bottle. However, he quickly learned to eat grain and hay on his own. It took months of loving care from our ranch staff to help Kelso gain weight and feel like a young calf should. Now he weighs about 2000 pounds. We don't have an exact weight because he's too wide to put on the scale. Kelso's now watching his weight so he only gets the occasional treat – a handful of grain from his caregivers. Kelso is vaccinated yearly, has his feet trimmed as needed and is dewormed regularly.

Kelso's Personality

Kelso is very friendly and likes to lick visitors with his long, scratchy tongue. He enjoys the company of people and other animals. Although he's tried a couple of adopter homes, he missed the Longmeadow staff and animal residents. Now, he is very happy living in the Longmeadow pasture with llamas, horses and other cattle and likes the constant flow of visitors, volunteers and staff at the Ranch.