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A pot-bellied pig.

Walter's Story

Walter was born in July 2010. He came to Longmeadow in January 2011 because his owner was moving and could no longer keep a pig. Walter’s owner was told that Walter was a "tea cup" pig that would grow to only 30 pounds. However, since he weighed 20 pounds when he was just seven months old and he will continue to grow until he’s 2 years old, he will definitely be larger than 30 pounds. Many people acquire pot bellied pigs as pets thinking they will stay small their entire lives. Unfortunately, when the pigs become too large, often the owners can no longer take care of them.

Walter's Health

Walter was being fed dog food instead of the appropriate food for pot bellied pigs. He had an unhealthy coat and was very crabby. At Longmeadow, he receives pot bellied pig feed and only a few of the treats he knows how to sit and beg for. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and had his feet trimmed.

Walter's Personality

Although Walter took a little time to adjust to living on the ranch, he’s now a thriving, friendly young pig. In addition to learning how to walk on a harness, he can unfurl the red carpet for his entrances at his Barn Buddy appearances! He comes when he’s called by his name.

Walter is an adorable pig who enjoys belly rubs and flops over on his side so people can rub away. He loves banana peels and peppermints and will try to eat just about anything else. When he’s a little older, we will introduce him to the other pigs at Longmeadow so he will have lots of friends.