Barn Buddy – Katie

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a llama

hi, my name is katie.
That’s short for my scientific name – Mammalia, Artiodactyla, Camelidae. I’m an adult llama who has called Longmeadow Rescue Ranch home since 2011.
my journey:
My journey to the ranch was a little unusual. I was part of a 4-H agricultural program that taught children about the care of domestic animals. This line of study is known as animal husbandry and where I learned my good manners and social skills. As luck would have it, a llama rescue group was looking to place me in a home at the same time Longmeadow was looking for a llama. My background in education made me a perfect candidate to join the Barn Buddies as an animal ambassador.
did you know?
I’m a survivor just like the other Barn Buddies. Even though I arrived in good health, I faced a serious health scare some years later. Several lumps began growing on my face, prompting staff to bring in a specialist. Biopsies showed I had fibrosarcoma, a malignant form of cancer. They immediately performed surgery and radiation treatments. Thankfully, I made a full recovery.

happy to be here!

Life could not be better for me at Longmeadow. Veterinarians continue to monitor my health, and I have stayed strong, healthy and spoiled throughout the years. I even get mani-pedicures for my unique two-toed feet. As my sponsor, you help make this care possible! Thanks, and remember to come visit me.