Barn Buddy – Leonard

Sponsor Leonard
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a miniature donkey

hi there...i’m leonard, a miniature donkey.
I have been at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch since 2019. To know my story is to understand why I am so grateful and happy to be here.
my journey:
I suffered terrible neglect before coming to the ranch. My black hair was so matted that it caused sores across my body, and my hooves were painfully overgrown. I was malnourished and well below the ideal weight of 200 pounds. The team at Longmeadow took immediate action to ease my discomfort. I was given a long overdue bath and hair trim. A veterinarian gave me pain medication to treat the pain in my legs. My playful personality quickly began to shine. Now I love traveling to events, telling our rescue stories as an animal ambassador.
did you know?
If you hear me bray, I may be signaling danger to the herd. But as a donkey, I am known to be quite vocal and may just be starting a loud and lively conversation with the group. I’ve moved on from my rocky past and adore all types of attention, whether it’s a treat or a scratch behind the ears. When you visit, I’ll be the first to greet you at my paddock gate.

happy to be here!

Given my history, I am so grateful for the ongoing care and attention shown to me at the ranch. My hooves are trimmed regularly and I receive routine dental care, deworming and vaccinations. I have so many friends on the farm and love meeting our human guests. As my sponsor, you help make this possible! Thank you, and remember to come visit me and the other Barn Buddies soon.