Barn Buddy – Teagan

Teagan is a Barn Buddy available for sponsorship at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch
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an alpaca

hello...i’m teagan,
an alpaca. I’ve called Longmeadow Rescue Ranch my home since 2014. Staff say I am easy-going and a fast learner. I’m very well trained and mostly fearless. As an animal ambassador, I love traveling to share stories of farm animal rescue and rehabilitation.
my journey:
I was in sad shape upon arrival at Longmeadow. I was severely underweight. My teeth had been neglected, and my wool coat was overgrown and matted. Parasites covered my fur, irritating a painful wound on my back. A farm animal veterinarian put me on a healthy path and continues to monitor my care.
did you know?
If you’ve ever visited the ranch, you may have noticed I’m among the first to welcome our guests. I especially love children! You’ll see me get close and cuddly, often rubbing my head on a willing shoulder. I am very curious and will eavesdrop on lively conversations. You may even hear me humming along, which is my own way of contributing to the discussion.

happy to be here!

Life at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is fantastic. Staff always make sure I receive the best nutrition and care. I’m a herd animal and get to socialize with miniature horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and other alpacas all day. Every spring we have a spa day when my wooly coat is sheared. As my sponsor, you help make this possible! Thank you, and please remember to visit all of us at the ranch.