Longmeadow Baby Cam

IT’S A BOY! Journey gave birth to an adorable colt in the early morning hours of Monday, August 16!

The mother and baby have bonded perfectly. Journey is a concerned and involved mom and her baby (whose name will be determined via a social media poll) is a happy and active boy. The birth went smoothly for both of them, and they appear to be doing very well. Journey is mobile and alert and the new baby is already exploring his surroundings. Journey and the new baby will be adoptable once her foal is weaned, a process that usually takes around eight months, but there are plenty of other farm animals ready for a loving family.

Hard to believe, but this joyous occasion began as a tragedy. In the evening of October 18, 2020, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, in cooperation with MERS Large Animal Rescue and Franklin County law enforcement arrived on the scene of a terrible trailer truck accident on I-44. It was revealed that the original reason for the animals’ transportation was that they were on their way to be slaughtered, something that is illegal to do knowingly for pregnant horses.

Journey managed to walk away from the accident with minimal, superficial injuries, but was underweight and had sustained abrasions in several areas on her right front leg that made it particularly painful to walk and trot. Journey was taken to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch for rehabilitation and recovered beautifully. About a month after the accident, Journey underwent a routine pregnancy check via ultrasound. It was at this time that we learned Journey was pregnant, and the baby appeared to be healthy and viable in all prenatal evaluations. 

“Journey has really been given a second chance at a happier life here at Longmeadow and I think this new baby really symbolizes that,” said Amanda Mullen, director of Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. “It’s wonderful to know that something good could come from that tragedy.”

Cruiser Updates

October 7, 2021

Some of you may have noticed that the Baby Cam has been down for the past few weeks. While initially we were having technical difficulties, Cruiser then developed a concerning head tilt during that time. We elected to keep the camera off until we had a complete diagnosis and treatment plan in place.

After his initial vet exam, we were referred to the University of Missouri Teaching Hospital. While at MU, the veterinarians found a foreign object located within his inner ear. He managed to get a small wood chip stuck deep inside his ear! Naturally, his body tried to protect itself from the foreign object, causing inflammation and infection within the ear. The discomfort from the infection caused Cruiser to tilt his head to the right to try and relieve his pain.

Both Journey and Cruiser are back home at Longmeadow and the Baby Cam will be back to live streaming from dusk to dawn daily! Journey continues to be an attentive mother and is relieved that her little one is on the mend. Cruiser is taking daily antibiotics for the infection, and we will continue to closely monitor his healing process. The veterinarians at Mizzou explained that he may always have a head tilt, even after it is fully healed.

We have created a special fund to help offset expenses related to the care of Journey and her little one. Through the generous support of our donors, animals like Journey have been given a second chance. A chance to heal from neglect and abuse. A chance to nourish their starved bodies. A chance to be adopted into a caring home. Click the button below to make a tax-deductible gift.