Meet Leonard & Sheldon!

Miniature donkeys at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Their Story

When they were rescued, Sheldon and Leonard were in terrible straights. They were knee deep in mud and animal waste and had little access to food. Leonard and Sheldon were living in a small pen inadequately sheltered from the weather with only a few pieces of plywood leaned against a tree to protect them from the elements. As a result, fly bites covered their ears and legs. Sheldon’s hooves were so overgrown it was painful for him to stand. Their rescue and recovery at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch came none too soon.

Their Health

A bath was the first order of business for Sheldon and Leonard, not only to remove the waste and debris but also to remove the stench. The staff tended to their skin sores and a farrier visited the ranch to trim the donkeys’ hooves. It took several visits at frequent intervals to ensure the hooves would grow properly. Both donkeys also suffered dental neglect which required the vet to float the donkeys’ teeth which is a process of gently filing away sharp edges for more efficient chewing. Today they are fully recovered, comfortable and kicking up their heels.

Their Personalities

The two donkeys have distinct personalities. Humans think of donkeys as being stubborn, but their reluctance at times is actually due to their highly developed sense of self-preservation. Sheldon the younger of the two is a little shyer and more reserved. Leonard on the other hand is bold and feisty and enjoys hanging out with the other miniature animals. When left to their own devices though, Sheldon and Leonard act like brothers, chasing each other, playing tag and kicking up their heels.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Leonard & Sheldon and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.