Meet Penelope!

The mix-breed Toulouse Goose at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Her Story

Penelope was little more than a ball of feathery fluff when she was left in the drop box at the Best Buddy Center in Maryland Heights. Just six weeks old, the gosling was taken to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch where she could be properly cared for. Penelope is part Toulouse goose, a domestic goose that is named for the French city of Toulouse where the breed originated.

Her Health

As her feathers began to grow, it was clear that Penelope suffered from Angel Wing, a condition where the last joint of the wing is twisted. The wing feathers point out, so they do not lay smooth against the body. Likely it was caused by the early diet she was fed before coming to Longmeadow, one that was low in vitamins and minerals and high in carbohydrates and sugars. As soon as it was detected, Penelope’s wings were bandaged. Today she is a healthy, happy bird with just minor signs of her earlier condition.

Her Personality

Penelope is calm and slow moving with a very trusting nature. She often seeks the company of the other geese and ducks that call Longmeadow home and can be found paddling around in the kiddie pools where the water fowl congregate. You might find her dipping her head in water. This is the way she cleans her eyes. When not hanging out with her bird buddies, Penelope likes to socialize with the staff. By day Penelope wanders around the ranch but heads back to coop at night where she is safe and secure.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Penelope and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.