Meet Snowflake!

The mix-breed Pekin at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Her Story

You could say this is one lucky duck. Snowflake is a domestic duck who was likely dumped at a pond by her previous owners. Unlike her wild duck relatives, domestic ducks are not equipped to live on their own. When rescued by our Animal Cruelty Task Force, Snowflake had injuries and was unable to stand or walk. That’s when her luck changed.

Her Health

Snowflake was taken to a bird specialist on the first stop of her journey to recovery. Through the exam and radiographs, the vet determined that Snowflake had a traumatic spinal cord injury. After weeks of steroids, pain medication and rest in a confined space, Snowflake started to regain her balance and co-ordination. She then started water therapy in a small shallow pool where she could finally start to preen her feathers and even play in the water. After another few weeks Snowflake started moving around like a normal bird and was ready to join her Barn Buddy flock.

Her Personality

Snowflake was quick to make friends with the waterfowl. Her comical slightly crooked top knot of feathers on her head distinguishes her as a mix-breed Pekin duck. The Pekin duck originated in China and was introduced into the Americas in the 1870s. Snowflake is rather opinionated and is not about to be out quaked, gobbled or clucked by her other feathered friends. She is quite vocal about letting her fellow Barn Buddy flock know just what she is thinking.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Snowflake and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.