Meet Tumbleweed!

Tumbleweed is a palomino mare at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Tumbleweed’s Story

Our hearts broke when we first saw Tumbleweed, an emaciated horse who was left to starve on a property in western Missouri. She was rescued in January of 2012 with 15 other horses and two donkeys in serious need of nutritious food and veterinary care. Fortunately, because of the great care they received at Longmeadow, they all survived.

Tumbleweed’s Health

Too weak to stand on her own, Tumbleweed had no nutritious food to eat and could not get to water or protection from the freezing cold of winter. Our animal cruelty rescue team carefully loaded her onto a sled to pull her onto a trailer and she was rushed to an emergency equine clinic for treatment. Tumbleweed stayed at the emergency clinic for several days until she was stable enough to make the trip to Longmeadow.

When she arrived at the ranch, staff members began lavishing her with loving, intensive care including lifting her to her feet several times each day because she could not stand on her own. Slowly, she gained strength and the 250 pounds she needed to be at the correct weight for her age and breed. Tumbleweed’s regular diet includes quality hay and supplemental grain. She is dewormed every 30 days and will have her hooves trimmed every 8 weeks.

Tumbleweed’s Personality

Since her rescue and recovery, Tumbleweed has taken full advantage of the big pens at the ranch, running around and kicking up her heels. She is halter trained and is being evaluated for riding. Tumbleweed loves to play outside every day with her best friend Jinx, a pinto filly horse. She loves to hang her head out her stall window and check out what’s going on around the ranch. As a Barn Buddy Ambassador, Tumbleweed is looking forward to meeting new people and making friends from lots of new places.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Tumbleweed and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.