Meet Twister!

Twister (Twist of Fate) is a warmblood cross horse at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Twister’s Story

Mama, Twister’s mother, came to us after a double decker semi truck carrying 41 horses and one hinny wrecked on I-44 in Franklin County on September 27, 2006. The horses were being transported to a slaughter house in Illinois. Twenty-five horses and the hinny were saved. Mama was in one of the top compartments of the trailer (which was found lying on its side) standing over several dead horses. When she was rescued from the wrecked trailer, it was very obvious Mama was pregnant. We were concerned the baby would not survive such an ordeal. Fortunately, Mama continued her pregnancy and we all anxiously waited for the foal to be born. A healthy Twister arrived about 9 p.m. the night of April 18, 2007.

Responsible breeding by horse owners would reduce the number of unwanted horses and the excuse for horse slaughter.

Twister’s Health

Twist of Fate’s birth (or foaling) happened without complications. He has continued to thrive and does not seem to have any lasting affects from the trailer wreck. Twister was successfully weaned from his mother at five months of age.

Twister’s Personality

Twister was a bit of a brat when he was with his mom, and ever since he was weaned he’s generally been well-mannered. He can still be a trouble maker, but he seems to know his role as mascot. Twister typically fidgets and gets into everything until the cameras are rolling. Once he knows he’s in the spotlight, he poses like a celebrity!

Twister is very curious and he loves attention. He is always at the window of his stall to meet visitors, and he enjoys being a part of the adoption process at Longmeadow.

Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for Twister and all of the rescued farm animals who find a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Twister Paints!

In winter 2017, volunteers began using positive reinforcement training to teach Twister to hold a paint brush, and then to paint. He now paints several times a week.

Now, Twister is helping other horses and farm animals get a second chance at life with his new talent: Purchase a Twister Original and you, too, will help abused, neglected and abandoned horses and farm animals find rescue and rehabilitation at Longmeadow.