Adoption Information

The Road to Rehabilitation
When a ranch animal arrives at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, rehabilitation and socialization can take months. Horses who have never received training require extra patience. Horses who have suffered injuries or neglect might not be able to be ridden, but will still make wonderful companion animals.

Horse Training Levels
Once a rescued abused or neglected horse has been nursed back to health at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, staff begin training adoptable horses to first accept friendly human touch and then to accept a rider using resistance-free training methods. The result is well-socialized horses for virtually any level of ability.

Ready for Adoption
When you see a ranch animal online that you would like to adopt, please complete an adoption application and contact Longmeadow Rescue Ranch by e-mail or phone (636) 583-8759 to schedule an appointment. Please be certain you meet all adoption requirements.

Adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment. Take your time and visit the animals often before making a decision.

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