Rescued farm animals at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Support the Hay Fund

The extreme weather across Missouri has impacted the quality and quantity of hay available for our animals. This has resulted in significantly higher costs plus the need to use supplemental grain feedings. Last summer, our feed costs more than doubled. In addition, we saw an influx of starving horses coming to the ranch. The Hay Fund was created to stave off this crisis and ensure we are meeting the specialized nutritional needs of animals like Riddle.

Weighing only 393 pounds upon arrival, Riddle was so thin that he required support to even stand. He had rain rot, superficial skin wounds and external parasites, all clear signs of severe neglect. We placed Riddle on a special diet which consisted of six feedings a day of alfalfa hay and soaked alfalfa cubes. Riddle is just one of the hundreds of animals in our care at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

Please help us address this urgent need and ensure that Riddle and all the farm animals in our safe-keeping get the quality care they so richly deserve.

Support the Hay Fund