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Thousands of horses and farm animals have found a safe haven at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.  They receive the kindness and the best of care from our experienced staff and devoted volunteers.

They have been given a second chance. A chance to heal from neglect and abuse. A chance to nourish their starved bodies. A chance to be adopted into a caring home.

Learn How Your Gift Helps Rescued Horses and Farm Animals

Tweety was so malnourished she couldn't even stand but thanks to Longmeadow and a lengthy rehab she found a forever home.

Second Chances Equine Fund

The Second Chances Equine Fund was designed to help provide rescued horses with food, life-saving veterinary care, farrier services and training. Rescued horses and other equines that have been subjected to abuse and/or neglect or suffer from illness or injury often require weeks, sometimes months, of rehabilitation that wouldn’t be possible without Longmeadow and the Second Chances Equine Fund.

Safe Stay Fund

Our rescued animals constantly test physical barriers – behavior previously learned in search of food or water – causing additional wear, tear and stress on aging fencing, stalls and other structures. And Longmeadow’s fencing is in dire need of repair – the current fencing is original to the opening of Longmeadow in 1988, and staff and volunteers must often interrupt animal care duties to fix broken fencing.

Help keep Longmeadow animals safe and secure, maintain our barns and other facilities, and fix our fences!

John and Joe came to Longmeadow from another rescue and quickly found a forever home, together!
Potbellied pigs are some of the most often surrendered animals to Longmeadow

Farm Animal Rescue & Rehab Fund

Rescue • Rehabilitate • Rehome
Neglected pot bellied pigs, goats, sheep and other farm animals often come to Longmeadow suffering from lack of nutritious food and water, parasites and disease. The Farm Animal Rescue & Rehab Fund provides special food, specialized rehabilitation, and medical supplies specific to each species and breed.

Sponsor a Barn Buddy!

Have you ever wanted a Ranch animal of your very own, but one wouldn’t fit in your living room? Sponsor a Barn Buddy! Your sponsorship will help feed, board and provide medical care for the animal of your choice. For the person who has everything, a Barn Buddy sponsorship makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays or other special occasions.

Your Barn Buddy sponsorship package can include an adorable plush version of your sponsored animal
Shop Amazon Smile and help animals at the Humane Society of Missouri and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Shop to Give Second Chances

You can support the Humane Society of Missouri and Longmeadow Rescue Ranch when you shop at Amazon! Simply join Amazon Smile (don’t worry – it’s free!), and select the Humane Society of Missouri as your charity. The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of your qualified purchase total to animals in need at all HSMO locations, including Longmeadow! Join Amazon Smile »

While you’re there, you can also grant little wishes for our rescued horses and farm animals by shopping our Amazon Wish List, and your purchases will be sent directly to the animals at our ranch in Union!

Wish List

You can be a big help to the animals of Longmeadow Rescue Ranch just by donating items you may have around your home or barn. We welcome used items as long as they are clean and in good condition.

  • Large, portable Vari-kennels (for transporting goats and potbellied pigs)
  • Plastic sandboxes or kiddie pools to help keep our pigs cool
  • Medical supplies such as vet wrap, roll cotton, 4” brown gauze or 4”x4” gauze pads
  • Cotton lead ropes
  • Break away halters (all sizes but especially small)
  • Gift certificates to feed and tack shops
  • Gift certificates to equine or large animal veterinarians
  • Manure forks
  • Hog or cattle panels (please contact us for specs)
  • Stall bedding (baled shavings)
  • Dump bed trailer (please contact us for specs)
  • Western saddles
  • Horse training DVDs
  • Horse hot walker
  • Miniature horse sized driving cart and harness
  • Miniature horse halters
  • Horse hair detangler
Aspen was malnourished and neglected but now she's healthy and forever home.