Covid-19 Updates

We Believe in Second Chances

Twister Paints!

Longmeadow’s Barn Buddy Twister is helping other horses and farm animals get a second chance at life with his new talent: Painting! Purchase a Twister Original and you, too, will help abused, neglected and abandoned horses and farm animals find rescue and rehabilitation at Longmeadow.

Schedule a Visit

Longmeadow is open during its regular hours, Friday afternoons and Saturdays, but you need a reservation to visit us. 

Learn to Ride

Longmeadow has beginner to advanced lessons available in multiple disciplines. Lessons are available for anyone interested in advancing their riding and horsemanship skills, whether you’ve adopted from Longmeadow or you’re dreaming of a horse of your very own.

Careers at Longmeadow

Longmeadow and Humane Society of Missouri have a number of available job openings. We are looking for people who care about the animals they are working with daily and who want to help find these caring animals a new home.

Groundwork Sessions

Work with Longmeadow Rescue Ranch horses and improve your natural horsemanship techniques! We are offering FUN and educational groundwork lessons at Longmeadow, and we hope you will join us!

What’s New

Find out the latest news and what’s happening around Longmeadow.

We’re Opening June 1…But You Need a Reservation!

The health and safety of our pets, staff, volunteers, and customers always our top priority. We are thrilled to be open to the public once again, and ask that you please review our new guidelines for your visit. Please see below for the latest updates from HSMO,...

Waffle and Baby Update

For all the fans of Waffle and her newborn filly, you may have noticed that her camera is off. On Saturday, our staff noticed that the filly was showing troubling signs of weakness and a failure to thrive. We contacted our local veterinarian at Homestead Veterinary...

Compost For Sale

Compost For Sale

Get your garden growing with compost from Longmeadow Rescue Ranch! Adding nutrient-infused compost is good for the environment, and it aids in plant growth. Plus, the sale of our compost benefits the animals at Longmeadow.  Prices range from just $5 a bag to $15 per...