Rescued farm animals at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Our History

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, once known as Packwood Longmeadow Farm, was purchased in 1988, made possible by a generous bequest from George Packwood, Jr. Mr Packwood’s commitment to the Humane Society of Missouri began as an active supporter of the organization and continues today through his generous donation of land to be used specifically for the care of ranch animals.

The same bold spirit that colored his philanthropic life marked Mr. Packwood’s career. He began his career as an engineer and applied his expertise as a signal construction foreman for the Frisco Railroad. He often found himself washing his dirty hands until they were practically raw. So, working in a rented loft, he created a milder industrial soap along with a special soap dispenser. He liked the idea of marketing his product instead of sitting behind a desk as a consulting engineer. In 1926 he was ready to launch his own business, which in the 1950s was sold to the Calgon Corporation.

Mr. Packwood is quoted as saying, “In the world of business, if you perfect something good, you can get up on the housetop and flap your wings and crow about it.” Well, Mr. Packwood, through your generous donation of land we created something good – Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. And we promise we will get up on the housetop and flap our wings and crow about it as we make this safe haven for horses and ranch animals even greater.

Longmeadow, circa 1985
Longmeadow, circa 1985