Barn Buddy – Arnie

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a miniature horse

hello there...please call me arnie.
I am one of the newest Barn Buddies and joined the cast in spring of 2023. I’m a gray and white spotted, miniature horse. Don’t let the “mini” part fool you, though. I am a strapping lad with plenty of oomph! My thick, glorious mane overshadows even the biggest stallions’.
my journey:
When I was rescued, the signs of neglect were clear. I desperately needed dental care. My hooves were long and curled, with the front pair especially bruised and infected. The farrier had to make multiple corrective trims before I was able to walk comfortably. I continue to see the farrier regularly to fix the years of neglect.
did you know?
I’ve started to settle down in my middle-age, but I’m still quite popular with the mares here at Longmeadow. Luckily, I have plenty of time to greet each of the ladies as I pass their paddocks in the morning.

happy to be here!

I’m quite pleased with all the attention they show me at Longmeadow. Nutritious, well-balanced meals keep me in good shape. I receive regular dental care, deworming, vaccinations and ongoing attention to my hooves. As my sponsor, you help make this care possible! Thanks, and don’t forget to visit me next time you’re here.