Barn Buddy – Delores

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an alpaca

hello delores,

a fawn-colored alpaca who has lived at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch since 2018. Alpacas may be herd animals, but I was raised all alone. I can be reserved, and it has taken some time to build my confidence. Joining the Barn Buddies and being part of a herd has really helped. I may be shy but have no trouble speaking up with a shreik if the other animals get too close to my food!
my journey:
My former owner brought me to Longmeadow when they realized they could not provide proper care for me. I am so grateful for that decision. I was overweight and in desperate need of shearing and hoof maintenance by the time I arrived. I have since learned to enjoy the company of horses, donkeys, llamas and other alpacas. But most of all I enjoy the tasty meals provided to us here on the ranch!
did you know?
Breakfast is my favorite meal, although dinner is pretty good too. And my companions’ leftover meals make a great snack throughout the day. I enjoy taking a dip in the bath when no snacks are available. On sunny days you can find me lying in the small pool in my stall run.

happy to be here!

I love living at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. Hanging out with the other animals has helped me adjust to life in a herd. I look forward to a regular diet of pasture hay and pelleted alpaca feed as a treat. I stay healthy with regular vaccinations, deworming treatments and hoof care. As my sponsor, you help make this possible! Thanks, and remember to come visit me and the other Barn Buddies.