Longmeadow Rescue Ranch caring for horses rescued in horse trailer accident on I-44 in Franklin County

October 19, 2020

November 7, 2020

We wanted to provide an update on the horses involved in the tragic tractor-trailer accident last month.

First, some very good news – Longmeadow Rescue Ranch has secured ownership of these horses that were being transported to slaughter.  Never again will they face that dreadful fate!

Fifteen horses survived the horrific accident. Eleven came directly to Longmeadow to recover. Four received intensive care at a local veterinary hospital and, thankfully, are now at the Ranch to continue their recovery. Sadly, one of the original 11 was suffering so much that veterinarians determined humane euthanasia was the only option.

The remaining 14 horses face a long recovery. Many have deep skin and leg abrasions and lacerations, lip and chin ulcerations and head and eye traumas that are infected, painful and slow to heal. In addition, many have past maladies like poorly healed broken bones, infections and malnutrition that need to be addressed.

Longmeadow staff and veterinarians are doing everything they can to heal these horses. Every day our team spends twelve hours just on wound care — flushing, cleaning, medicating and bandaging. All of the horses are receiving daily antibiotics; many are on pain medications.

Veterinary bills and medical supplies already total more than $20,000. Your gift ensures these horses have the best possible chance for the happy, healthy lives they deserve.

We are so grateful to all of our donors and friends who care about and continue to support these horses through their long and difficult recovery.

Persons interested in helping the horses recovering from this accident may visit longmeadowrescueranch.org/FranklinCountyHorses.

October 19, 2020

Early this morning Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, in cooperation with MERS Large Animal Rescue, transported to the ranch 11 of 29 horses involved in a trailer truck accident that happened last night on I-44 at the Washington, Mo. exit.

Rescuers from MERS and Longmeadow worked through the night in the rain and cold weather to remove the horses from the trailer, capture those that had escaped and transport the survivors to safety. The eleven horses taken to Longmeadow are suffering from shock, deep skin and leg abrasions and lacerations, head and eye trauma and back injuries.  They will be examined by an equine veterinarian today and cared for by Longmeadow staff.

An additional four surviving, seriously injured horses are being cared for at Homestead Veterinary Hospital until they are stable enough to be transported to and cared for by Longmeadow staff. Ten of the horses died in the crash. Due to the severity of their injuries, two of the horses were euthanized at the scene and another two were euthanized at the veterinary hospital.  The reason for the animals being transported has not been confirmed.

“Missouri’s animals are very fortunate to have dedicated, highly-skilled, experienced people in multiple organizations who can come to the rescue of animals in dangerous emergency situations like this,” said Debbie Hill, Vice President of Operations for the Humane Society of Missouri.  “Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, MERS and Homestead Veterinary Hospital have partnered on multiple occasions to help animals in jeopardy.  We also are grateful to the Missouri Highway Patrol and the Boles Fire Department for responding so professionally to this tragic situation.”

Persons interested in helping the horses recovering from this accident may visit longmeadowrescueranch.org/FranklinCountyHorses.