Barn Buddy – Cruiser

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a standardbred horse

hi, im cruiser,

a standardbred horse. Standardbreds are an American breed best known for racing, but our bloodlines go all the way back to 18th century England. That might sound fancy, but I’m just a sweet country boy at heart.

my journey:

I was born at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in October 2020. My life here is pretty cushy, and I haven’t seen much hardship. Even so, people say I’m a miracle. My mom survived a horrific tractor-trailer accident and was brought back to the ranch to recover. Fate intervened, and she survived. I was born 10 months later. Folks always get my story mixed up with my pal Twister, who came to the ranch under similar conditions in 2007. His mom was a strong mare as well. She not only survived a terrible wreck, but went on to rear an especially loved but spoiled colt.

did you know?

You may notice my head and ears have a curious tilt. There’s an explanation for this. As a foal, I loved to nap in the soft pile of sawdust in my stall. One day I woke up with an earache and the Longmeadow staff took me to the vet. An exam showed a wood chip stuck in my ear canal. It was surgically removed but left me with my signature look.

happy to be here!

I’m quite pleased with all the attention they show me at Longmeadow. Nutritious, well-balanced meals keep me in good shape. I receive regular dental care, deworming, vaccinations and ongoing attention to my hooves. As my sponsor, you help make this care possible! Thanks, and don’t forget to visit me and my pal Twister at the ranch.