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The Flock
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The Flock

barnyard birds & water fowl

howdy...we’re the longmeadow flock.
Our fine feathered friends include a rotating cast of roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas and geese. We may have feathers and flight in common, but we all have our own unique personalities and stories.
my journey:
Longmeadow Rescue Ranch is our home, but each of us followed a different journey to get here. Domestic ducks are often dumped at lakes and ponds. Unlike wild ducks, we aren’t equipped to live on our own. One goose in the flock was left in a shelter drop box at our Humane Society of Missouri headquarters. Others came to the ranch as chicks after being discarded by their owners.
did you know?
Longmeadow has been home to thousands of birds since its founding in 1988. We are beautiful, intelligent creatures and can be quite vocal. We may be a flock, but many of us are independent and seem to prefer socializing with the public and staff.

happy to be here!

We are a very congenial group, enjoying the free range of the ranch during the day. Our time is spent exploring, searching for bugs, playing in the creek and visiting with human friends. We receive varied nutrition, shelter and medical care to keep our crew healthy. As our sponsor, you help make this possible! Thanks, and remember to come visit us soon.