Barn Buddy – Homer & Tater Tot

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Homer & Tater Tot

kunekune pigs

my name is homer, and this is my brother tater tot.
We are domesticated pigs originating from New Zealand. Indigenous Maori communities gave us the name KuneKune, which translates to mean “fat and round.”
my journey:
We were born on a breeding farm that closed in 2020. We were in terrible shape when we arrived at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. At just two years old, we were dangerously overweight and badly in need of hoof trimmings. We were placed on a diet of low-calorie fruits, vegetables and a small amount of pelleted exotic pig feed. This has kept each of us at a healthy weight of 200 pounds, give or take.
did you know?
We are extremely intelligent and some of the tidiest pigs at Longmeadow. Those infamous muddy pig pens are a result of our cousins’ long snouts and instinct to root at the soil. But KuneKunes have flat noses and a preference for grazing. Of course, we do enjoy mud baths, but for very good reasons. Mud serves as a natural coolant, sunscreen and insect repellant.

happy to be here!

Tater Tot and I love life at the Longmeadow! We always get the best nutrition and care. We can’t see or smell much due to our scrunched noses, but are pretty happy to snooze in the hay and get occasional belly rubs. As our sponsor, you help make this possible! We are quite fond of visitors, so be sure to stop by the Menagerie Barn the next time you visit the ranch.