Barn Buddy – Howard

Sponsor Howard
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a miniature donkey

hello, i’m howard, a miniature donkey.
I’m mostly white with warm brown spots and floppy bangs falling forward between my ears. This adorable feature is called a forelock. I may stand at 33 inches tall, but there is a lot of personality packed into this small body!
my journey:
I came to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch with some dogs and other equines. At 5 years old, I already showed signs of severe neglect. My hooves were painfully overgrown, and I had both internal and external parasites. Fly bites covered my body. I was extremely underweight, and my teeth were in desperate need of attention. Things turned around for me as soon as I came to the ranch and began receiving proper care.
did you know?
I love games and am a great team player. My first pasture mates at the ranch included some onery goats who taught me how to play tag. These days I’m the master of tug o’ war and regularly take on my companions, including mini horses and other mini donkeys.

happy to be here!

I am so grateful for the ongoing care and attention shown to me here. My hooves are trimmed regularly, and I receive dental care, deworming and vaccinations. In the warm months, my handlers spray me with fly repellant to keep pesky insects away. As my sponsor, you help make this pampering possible! Thanks, and remember to come visit me and the other Barn Buddies.