Barn Buddy – Teddy

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a miniature horse

hello, i’m teddy, a miniature horse.
You could say I’m a Barn Buddy veteran, having witnessed hundreds of rescues since my arrival in 2012. But you won’t meet many other horses like me! I’m quite popular due to my small 33-inch stature, roan coat and fluffy flaxen mane.
my journey:
I was rescued from a scary situation with many other horses, mules, pigs and dogs. I was living in a small pen with another miniature horse and several huge, starving hogs. These hogs were four times my size and could have easily turned me into a meal. Luckily, I was rescued before they got any bright ideas. My hooves were overgrown and twisted back then, making it painful and difficult to walk. I still suffer from arthritis today, but am otherwise healthy as a horse.
did you know?
I am a great ambassador for the ranch, attending many public events. The staff seems to love it when I accompany them to share stories about animal rescue and rehabilitation. I’m affectionately known as “Grandpa” around here, because I am such a good role model for the younger horses.

happy to be here!

Staff have shown me so much loving care over the years. I was put on a strict trimming schedule to correct the long-term neglect to my hooves. I continue to receive regular medical care and a nutritious diet needed to maintain my healthy weight of 154 pounds. I love retirement and enjoy hanging out with alpacas, llamas and other miniature horses throughout the day. As my sponsor, you help make this possible! Thanks, and remember to come visit me sometime.