Barn Buddy – Twister

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a bay-colored warmblood horse

my name is twist-of-fate, but just call me twister!
I am part thoroughbred and part draft horse, otherwise known as a warmblood horse. This combination gives me my good looks and kind disposition. It also means I’m a fast learner and good role model.
my journey:
By all accounts I am lucky to be here. When my mother was pregnant, she was involved in an terrible accident. It was the middle of a fall night in 2006, when a double decker semi-truck overturned on the interstate. It was carrying her and 41 other horses to slaughter. But that accident turned out to be what saved her and me – a true twist of fate! I was born 7 months later on April 18, 2007. Every year we celebrate my birthday with a huge party at the ranch. This flagship event is known as Spring Fling.
did you know?
I am quite the artist. A group of Longmeadow volunteers taught me how to hold a paint brush and create beautiful, abstract works of art. My one-of-a-kind masterpieces are on display (and for sale!) in a gallery at the ranch. You can support our rescue mission by purchasing one of my paintings during your next visit, or check them out online by clicking here.

happy to be here!

The team at Longmeadow takes great care of me. Throughout the year, I am dewormed and vaccinated. My hooves are trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. The vet visits me regularly, and once a year I see a special veterinary dentist. I maintain my healthy weight of 1,215 pounds through a diet of grass hay and pelleted horse feed (plus some delicious apple treats). As my sponsor, you help make this possible! Thanks, and remember to come see me and the other Barn Buddies soon.