In November 2023, after a long time of uncertainty, our sweet Grammy finally found a wonderful home. 

Initially, we weren’t sure how Grammy’s story would end. Grammy was part of a group that came to Longmeadow in November 2022. All 11 horses in Grammy’s group were suffering from different types of neglect. Some had extremely overgrown hooves, making it difficult for them to walk and resulting in painful laminitis. Some were locked in a dusty barn for months, starving and suffering from breathing problems. One pony was found alone in the woods with buckling fetlocks, unable to walk properly and in unbelievable pain. Almost all of the horses had untreated uveitis, and two only had half of their vision. Some could not eat properly due to years of dental neglect and were very thin. They were all scared and some were never handled, but they all trusted our staff to load them on the trailer and get them to Longmeadow. Unfortunately, in the end, only four horses from the group survived. Grammy was one of them.

Grammy arrived and was immediately started in our rehabilitation program. She was seen by the vet, who diagnosed her with a cataract in her right eye (resulting in zero vision on her right side) and signs of uveitis in her left eye. Although she was a good weight (she had been one of the horses left to fend for herself in the field), she desperately needed a teeth float. We gave her the vet care she needed and time to adjust to her new life here, and before we knew it, Grammy was ready to be made available for adoption!

As time went on and Grammy waited to find a home, we noticed she began losing sight in her only good eye. Her eyesight deteriorated quickly, and before we knew it, she was completely blind. Although Grammy was such a gentle, kind pony, we worried about her future. Not many people come to the Ranch looking for a blind, older mare like Grammy, who had also been diagnosed with Cushing’s since her arrival. We watched her learn to navigate her new life here as a blind horse and hoped for the best.

Then, Ronda came along. Ronda was looking for a horse for her gelding at home after she had to put down his buddy that same week. When she found Grammy, she knew it was a match made in heaven. Why? Well because her gelding at home was blind, like Grammy! Ronda loaded Grammy up in her trailer (Grammy loaded like a pro) and brought her home, where she’ll get to live out the rest of her life with a best equine friend just like her.

Although sad, Grammy’s story should remind everyone that no matter what a horse’s history is, there is a place in the world made just for them. We are so happy to see Grammy find the home she deserves after what she has been through, and we wish her and her new family the absolute best. Congratulations, Grammy!


Grammy’s story should remind everyone that no matter what a horse’s history is, there is a place in the world made just for them.