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Laverne and Shirley

Laverne and Shirley are mixed-breed Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Laverne and Shirley's Story

Laverne and Shirley arrived at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in October 2016. Their owner, forced to move into a different home without room for farm animals, surrendered these young sisters, along with two male goats, knowing they would be well cared for by Longmeadow’s expert staff. Although the previous owner believed Laverne and Shirley were too young to breed, Longmeadow’s veterinarians discovered that Shirley was pregnant. At the end of January 2017, she delivered a healthy baby girl, named Panda. When Panda is old enough, she will be weaned and made available for adoption

Laverne and Shirley's Health

Laverne and Shirley each weigh approximately 40 pounds, making them easy to pick up and manage. They receive regular hoof trims, deworming, and grooming, and their vaccinations are updated annually. They eat grass hay and have access to minerals and water.

Laverne and Shirley's Personality

Laverne and Shirley are learning to walk on a leash and becoming more accustomed to being around people. They love to eat goat treats. However, staff and volunteers avoid giving them treats by hand to make sure the goats don’t learn to nibble on fingers!