Adoption Success Story: Mystique

December 18, 2020

When Mystique’s mother, Arianna, first came to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, no one knew she was pregnant.

Arianna had been rescued in Texas, transferred to Kentucky Humane Society, and ultimately found her way to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch. When she was first rescued, she was so thin, it was assumed there was no possibility of pregnancy. Her pregnancy was missed during her stay in Kentucky, and after some puzzling issues here, we decided to check again to be certain.

Not long after, a healthy foal was born at Longmeadow. Mystique grew into a very athletic and smart mare and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her adoption.

Mystique’s journey has brought her to a loving forever home with a loving adopter who is no stranger to rescue horses! Mystique joins Longmeadow alum Baqi, who has a miraculous story of his own.

As a foal, Baqi had suffered such severe neglect that he was close to death. His former owner dragged Baqi to the trash pile and abandoned him there. When investigators arrived, they found Baqi barely alive.

Baqi has thrived under Janeta’s care and now, this amazing adopter has opened up her home once again to a rescue horse from Longmeadow. We’re endlessly grateful to adopters like Janeta and supporters like you for embracing the mission to provide second chances to animals in need.