Riddle’s Miraculous Journey to Recovery

December 1, 2023

Riddle the horse after being rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Riddle is a symbol of resilience and transformation. When Riddle arrived at Longmeadow, it was questionable if he would survive the neglect and abuse he had suffered. The Arabian/Quarter horse mix was emaciated, and his frail body was covered in sores. Today he is fully recovered. His journey is nothing short of miraculous.

In June 2023, 16 dogs, two horses and a donkey were surrendered to the Animal Cruelty Task Force (ACT). The team witnessed signs of severe neglect throughout the New Madrid, Mo. property; dead animals that had succumbed and others that were starving. Riddle was close to death, too weak to even stand. He weighed just 393 pounds and was so small, the rescue team initially thought he was a yearling or 2-year-old. It wasn’t until a veterinarian at Longmeadow Ranch examined him that they realized Riddle was, in fact, a 4-year-old horse.

The team at Longmeadow was determined to give him a fighting chance. Riddle was so weak that he had to be gently coaxed and lifted by staff in order to stand. As part of his around-the-clock care, the staff tended to the lesions and pressure sores that had become infected. They cleaned and medicated the wounds daily. They also fed Riddle a special diet of alfalfa hay and grains that he was given six times a day.

Riddle responded to the care and kindness. As he grew healthier his spunky personality reemerged. Within a couple of months, he had gained 200 pounds. By the time the 4-year-old gelding was adopted, he was fully recovered. At a healthy weight of 703 pounds, he has a full life ahead of him.

By adopting from Longmeadow, you can make a real difference in the life of a horse like Riddle, offering them a fresh start and a brighter future. However, you aren’t only helping the horse you adopt. You’re also directly contributing to the care and welfare of other rescued horses and farm animals who get a second chance at life thanks to Longmeadow and people like you who support our life-saving mission.

To adopt a horse like Riddle, please call Longmeadow Rescue Ranch at 636.583.8759 to schedule an interview.