Horses Involved in Trailer Wreck Ready for Adoption!

January 15, 2021

On October 19, 2020, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, in cooperation with MERS Large Animal Rescue, arrived on the scene of a trailer truck accident on I-44. Fifteen horses were transported to Longmeadow, where their injuries could be addressed and treated. Over the past few months, Longmeadow staff have spent hours and hours cleaning wounds, medicating the horses, and bandaging abrasions.

We are thrilled to introduce the horses who are ready for adoption!


Eugene is approximately 20 years old and is calm, quiet, and patient. He seems to have spent many hours under saddle. He can be a touch forward but responds to direct rein and is brave on rides around Longmeadow. Eugene is still weak in the hind, so he will require light riding until he rebuilds his strength. We have discovered that he likes to have his legs scratched after each ride, and he loves having his face rubbed. Learn more about Eugene »

Trudy – ADOPTED!

Trudy’s name means Universal Strength, and that describes her perfectly. At fifteen years old, she gets along well with mares and geldings but tends to be higher on the pecking order. Her wounds from the wreck were minor, but she was underweight and suffering from overgrown hooves. The veterinarian discovered that Trudy has severe high ringbone in her right front pastern, but she will make a great pasture pet. Her teeth have been floated, she has had routine dewormings and been vaccinated. 


Juno is a 5-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred whose trauma has not dampened her spirits. Her last race was in September of 2020. She shows action-packed onward movements with a quick, skillful brain. Juno has a phenomenally correct uphill build with substantial bone and feet. She has an upbeat personality with the typical characteristics of a recently retired racehorse. Her lineage is impressive, and we think she will excel in most disciplines as she settles into her new lifestyle. Learn more about Juno »


Mia was lucky to have walked away from the accident with minor scrapes and bruises, but her hooves were overgrown and extremely out of balance. With just a few trims, they look great! Our trainer evaluated Mia, and it appears she has not had training under saddle, but she is a very smart mare. While she needs a professional trainer to start her under saddle training, we think she will excel in many different disciplines. Mia is five years old and playful, and she enjoys pestering her pasture mates while staying in the middle of the pecking order. Learn more about Mia »

Big Lou – ADOPTED!

Big Lou suffered minor injuries from the wreck, but she was several hundred pounds underweight, and her hooves were overgrown. Nearly every day for the first week, she only wanted to lay down in her fluffy stall, a clear sign that the trauma was a lot for her to handle. But as her injuries healed, so did her spirit. Big Lou has a heart of gold and has made many friends at Longmeadow. She has been trained to ride and is an easy-going draft horse. At 1,486 pounds, she is still on a strict refeeding diet. Getting her back to her ideal weight will take some time, but she is doing well with her Purina Equine Senior food, chopped alfalfa, and hay.


Phoenix, a four-year-old Off-the-Track Thoroughbred, had the worst injuries out of all the horses that survived the accident. Three of her legs had deep, infected lacerations. She required daily wound debridement, flushing, cleaning, medicating, and bandaging. It took over six months for her to fully recover, but like her name implies, she rose from the ashes with a renewed youth. Because of her high energy, she would be ideal for an advanced handler. Learn more about Phoenix »