Meet the Iron County Rescue Piglets!

December 7, 2020

This past August, Longmeadow Rescue Ranch and the Humane Society of Missouri took took in a large number of animals from a terrible hoarding situation in Iron County. Our Animal Cruelty Task Force brought in six horses, one donkey, eight pigs, a goat, three cats, 13 dogs, a rabbit, and one snake.

Shortly after the crew arrived at the ranch, two of the pigs gave birth. One mother had a litter of 13 and though we did all we could, only one piglet survived. The other litter of four were healthier and are all doing well. The five piglets are thriving thanks to the expert care being provided at Longmeadow and we’re thrilled for them to find loving, forever homes.

Get to know them below!

Days after Stella’s mom arrived at the ranch, she gave birth to numerous piglets. Unfortunatley due to the neglect her mother experienced, Stella was the only survior. Staff took the little weak piglet home to bottle feed her throughout each night. Stella loves attention and knows a few tricks, including spin and sit. Although she had a rough beginning, she is a strong, sassy little pig that will melt your heart!

Lulu Kate is a young adorable mini pig. She was born here at Longmeadow days after her pregnant mom had been rescued. She has recently warmed up to her handlers and loves belly rubs. Her favorite activity is cuddling with her siblings in a big pile of hay! We adore her soft little “oinks.”

Jon Hammlet might just be the chunkiest little piglet we have ever seen! Since birth, he has always been the largest of his litter. Jon can be a little shy when first meeting new people, but with time and patience he does come out of his shell. Of course, his most treasured time of day is feeding time!

Lizzy Jane was born the runt of her litter, and while she may be small, she does not let it slow her down. We often times find her playing tag with her littermates, zipping around their enclosure. When Lizzy is not pestering her siblings to play, she’s almost always playing in her water bowl!

Rudy Mudpie was born alongside three siblings just days after his mother was rescued and brought to the ranch. Although he prefers the company of his littermates, rather than our staff and volunteers, Rudy is beginning to accept grooming and handling. We have found that his favorite treat is pumpkin!

If you’re interested in adoption, please give us a call at (636) 583-8759 to schedule an appointment! A complete list of available pets can be found at

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