Waffle and Baby Update

May 18, 2021

For all the fans of Waffle and her newborn filly, you may have noticed that her camera is off. On Saturday, our staff noticed that the filly was showing troubling signs of weakness and a failure to thrive. We contacted our local veterinarian at Homestead Veterinary Hospital who recommended we transfer Waffle and her baby to the University of Missouri. They immediately began treating the filly with nutritional supplements and antibiotics.

The filly very quickly turned the corner, perked up, and continues to improve. With Waffle at her side the entire time, she has begun nursing properly and is standing and moving well. We expect them both to be home at Longmeadow before the end of the week, thanks to the quick attention of our staff and the wonderful care she’s receiving at Mizzou!

You can support their care and recovery by making a donation here.