Waffle Gave Birth to a Filly!

September 15, 2021

Longmeadow Rescue Ranch welcomed a new member on May 13th as Waffle, a miniature horse from a neglectful home, gave birth to a healthy filly. Waffle went into labor late Wednesday evening and Longmeadow staff discovered the foal early the next morning.

Waffle is a 10-year-old mini horse that came to Longmeadow in November of 2020 after her owner surrendered her. Waffle was early in her pregnancy when she arrived, but her mane and tail were covered in burrs. At the time, she also had a young colt at her side still nursing! The colt, Toast, has now been adopted to one of our loyal volunteers!

Waffle’s little red filly came into the world with a profound confidence. From day one she rarely relied on momma

Waffle and her filly loved to explore her surroundings!

Longmeadow held a competition over social media, and after over a week of voting, “Maple” was the winning name by a land slide!

Maple and Waffle have both settled in well. Maple enjoys spending her days picking on her alpaca and llama friends and napping in the sun. Waffle prefers to spend her time eating hay and keeping an eye on her wild child! We plan to make both mom and baby adoptable once they are weaned.