Fred’s Rescue


Fred came to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in February 2004 from Jasper County. The Jasper County Sheriff’s Department had found two horses, one of which was badly injured.

Because they were unable to locate the horses’ owner, the officers obtained a warrant and called the Humane Society of Missouri to assist with the rescue.


Prior to his rescue, Fred had suffered a severe, extensive injury to his right hip.  Although we have no way of knowing with certainty, we suspect that he might have injured himself on a metal fence, ripping his hide from his body. He had a gouge nearly five inches deep extending from his spinal column downward over his hip with a deep pocket above his leg. The wound covered an area more than one square foot on his upper left hip area and rear end.

Medical care involved daily scrubbing of the entire wound, cold hosing and medication application. At first it was very painful, but Fred tolerated the treatment well. As time went on, we were able to treat him with very little restraint.  We are still treating him, but the wound is getting smaller, and, as of summer 2005, is only approximately 4”x6” in size.


Fred used to throw temper tantrums when he arrived at Longmeadow Rescue Ranch; however, he became a fairly friendly guy once he was gelded.  He doesn’t mind being brushed, but he doesn’t care for a lot of fuss.