Success Stories - Willie
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A double-decker trailer carrying horses bound for the
slaughterhouse overturns on Interstate 44 just outside
of St. Louis. Trapped under several deceased horses,
Willie, too, was presumed dead, until a blink of his
eye alerted rescuers to him. Although he had some
neurologic issues on his right side for weeks after
the wreck, he has since healed completely. A few small
scars are the only reminders of that fateful day.

Willie’s amazing story of rescue and his engaging
personality earned him a spot as a Barn Buddy at
Longmeadow for four years. Once retired from the program,
a Longmeadow volunteer jumped at the chance to give
Willie a loving forever home. Willie then began training
in show jumping, dressage, and cross-country, and he
loves every minute of it!

“Willie’s story is very inspiring, and it shows that
every horse deserves to be loved and given a happy life,
full of second chances to shine” – Willie’s Owner